Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fauquier Winery Spotlight: Hume Vineyards

In an effort to support the Fauquier County Wineries, which may be severely impacted by the ordinance passed on July 12, 2012, the Notebook will begin a spotlight on the wineries in the county. Come out and enjoy. These wineries are about 30 minutes further from the more popular spots in Loudoun County, but well worth your driving time (plus you can stop and admire, and photograph, all the cows, horses, sheep and goats that you want! Stick it to the stuffy wealthy land owners in the county!) "A little Virginia winery with big ambition" is the slogan for Hume Vineyards, and that just about sums it up. Located about a mile down the road from Philip Carter Winery, and not far from Naked Mountain, Hume Vineyards opened its doors in mid 2010; a partnership with Breaux got the little Virginia winery firmly established, and now the location has impressive vineyards on both sides of its quaint, rustic tasting cabin. As with most Virginia wineries bordering the Blue Ridge, the views are incredible. The front of the tasting cabin offers rolling foothills, and the rear of the cabin boasts the view of the mountains in the distance. There are ample picnic tables with umbrellas and a covered porch in front of the tasting cabin. The wine is superb. Further proof that Virginia is coming a long way with its reds, Hume focuses on Bordeaux varietals, delicious, bold and earthy: Cab Franc, with its notices of licorice; Cab Sauv; Petit Verdot; and Merlot. For the hot summer days, a bottle of deep red may not be the ticket, so Hume has that side of the spectrum fulfilled: Sauvignon Blanc, a honeysuckle-like Viognier (dry!), and a terrific rosé. Judging from the number of guests during a recent freak hailstorm, word has gotten out about the pleasures of Hume Vineyards. We filmed this storm and will be posting footage of the storm in future Notebook entries. For now, enjoy the introduction to Hume Vineyards:

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