Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winery Spotlight: Lexington Valley Vineyard

Another rustic charmer in the mountains....Lexington Valley Vineyard resides off Interstate 64, west of Lexington. It's one of those "lose the GPS, use the map" spots that's not too far from the more well-known Rockbridge, by way of backroads that will leave you reaching for John Denver's Greatest Hits. Not Rocky Mountain High...this is Allegheny Mountain high. Or low. Lexington Valley Vineyard is aptly named, in a valley between the Allegheny chain and the Blue Ridge chain.

Did we mention that GPS may not work here? But if your map reading skills are still (relatively) sharp, break out the atlas and find this spot (their Web site has directions too). A small dog will charge down the hill to greet you. And you'll instantly feel part of the Lexington Valley family.

Whites are outstanding: This is the first winery where we've experienced something called Vignoles. It's like Viognier's cousin---crisp, not oaky, dry, and perfect for chilling. If you lean more towards the sweeter options, Traminette, a cousin to Gewurztraminer, will fit the bill. The reds are highlighted by Norton--they offer two Nortons. One is Black Tie, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. At some of the more commercial wineries, this selection would be $28. Lexington Valley's price? $16. There is not one wine on their list that costs more than $20. They also have a stand-alone Norton, if you really want to dive into the unexpected world of Virginia's true native grape.

The grounds are what you would expect in western Virginia. Peaceful to the max. The blood pressure is bound to go down the minute you drive up.

If you find yourself in historic Lexington, or the underrated town next door (Buena Vista), head out to this winery. You will be hard pressed to leave with just one (or even two) bottles.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monticello Wine Tour - Video Clip

More rosé talk - this time from Flying Fox Winery south of Charlottesville......