Sunday, October 21, 2012

Virginia Wine Lover: Best Of Voting (2013)

Don't let the Notebook sway your votes, but here's what we selected:

Best Virginia Wine:
Statewide--Virginia Wine--Winery: Fabbioli Cellars
Statewide--Virginia Wine--Wine Name: Chambourcin
Vintage: 2010

Best Chardonnay:
Statewide: Chatham Vineyards
Wine Name: Church Creek Steel Fermented
Vintage: 2010

Best Viognier:
Statewide: Blenheim Vineyards
Wine Name: Viognier
Vintage: 2010

Best Norton:
Statewide: Barrel Oak Winery
Wine Name: Norton
Vintage: 2009

Best Meritage (or Meritage-style):
Statewide: Glen Manor
Wine Name: Hodder Hill
Vintage: 2009

Best Fruit Wine (non-grape):
Statewide: North Gate Vineyard
Wine Name: Apple Wine
Vintage: 2011

Best Wine Bottle Artwork:
Statewide: Flying Fox Vineyards
Wine Name: Fox White
Description of artwork: A cartoon fox in a variety of methods of flight; label changed each year. Past years: Biplane, hot air balloon, shot out of a cannon.

Best Overall Winery:
Old House Vineyards

Best Winemaker:
Nate Walsh (Sunset Hills)

Best Outdoor Space:
Sharp Rock Vineyards

Best Indoor Space:
Pollak Vineyards

Best View:
Stone Mountain Vineyards

Best Winery Dog:
Franc from Unicorn Winery

Best Winery Cat:
Warren from Fabbioli Cellars

Best Tasting Room layout:
Saude Creek Winery

Best Food Offerings:
Fox Meadow Vineyards

Best Special Events:
Breaux Vineyards

Best for Picnics:
Sharp Rock Vineyards

Best "Green" (Sustainable) Winery:
Cooper Vineyards

Best Winery for Weddings:
Notaviva Vineyards

Best Wine Tour:
Philip Carter Winery

Best Mass Producing Winery:
Horton Vineyards

Most Romantic Winery:
Zephaniah Farm Vineyard

Best Virginia Wine List Restaurant:
Magnolia's at the Mill (Purcellville)

Best Gourmet Shop (not a winery) for Virginia Wine:
Olde Dominion Wine Shoppe (Occoquan)

Best Mass Retailer Virginia Wine Selection:
Total Wine

Best Weekend Wine-Themed Getaway Spot:

Best Wine Festival:
Richmond (late February)

Best Wineries by Virginia Region:

Central--Pollak Vineyards
Eastern (Northern Neck)--Ingleside Vineyards
Eastern (Eastern Shore)--Holly Grove Vineyards
Northern--Hiddencroft Vineyards
Shenandoah Valley--North Mountain Vineyard
Southern--LeoGrande Vineyard
Western--West Wind Farm Winery

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