Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vino Movies: Take I

As the blogmasters wrap up another season (spring through fall) of Commonwealth winery hopping, we're pulling out our critics hats to talk movies. What are the ultimate movies to watch while sipping Virginia's finest? We have our favorites, and will be sharing them over the next few months to help fellow VAVino fanatics get through the cold months.

We have five flicks in mind, and we'll start with #5:

The Godfather Part II

This may be an unusual choice.....and why Part II, you ask? Let us explain.

Francis Ford Coppola is a wine fanatic. He owns several vineyards in Sonoma and has a successful line of wines, some on the budget end of the scale, and many affordable Award winners (Trader Joe's has a good selection of his wines). Clearly proud of his Italian roots, as the "Trilogy" makes clear, wine is flowing in all three Godfather films.

Part II is special because it presents parallel stories: Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) assumes the role of Don after the passing of his father Vito (played in Part I you really need to ask?) The parallel story, which weaves in and out of the narrative involving Michael, depicts a young Vito (played by Robert DeNiro) as he emigrates to New York from Sicily, raises a family in Brooklyn and assumes power in his neighborhood.

The Godfather films are filled with wedding scenes, baptism scenes, first communion scenes, party scenes, dinner table scenes...and wine is flowing, some would say, like blood.

Gangster movies in general emphasize food and wine. Remember Goodfellas and the prison sequence? For their intricate dinner, Paulie's biggest concern was whether or not Henry Hill remembered to bring the red...and the white. And the Italian restaurant owner featured prominently in "The Sopranos" always had a great Chianti to recommend to Tony.

We dare you to watch The Godfather Part II (the best film of the trilogy in our novice opinions) and not reach for a bottle of red. On the Virginia side, may we suggest:

Casanel Mas Que Nada Cabernet Sauvignon
Hiddencroft Chambourcin
Flying Fox Trio (Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot)
Sunset Hills Merlot
Ingleside Petit Verdot

To whet your appetite, watch the clip:

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