Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quiz Time: Test your Virginia Wine and Winery Knowledge

School's out for summer but that doesn't stop us from creating a Virginia Wine Quiz! Multiple choice questions - give them a whirl. Answers will be provided in an August post.

1. Virginia is currently #5 in wine production in the United States. Which state is NOT ranked between 1 and 4?
A. Oregon
B. New York
C. Texas
D. Washington

2. Which Virginia wine pioneer does not have a tasting room open to the public?
A. Chris Pearmund
B. Doug Fabbioli
C. Gabriele Rausse
D. Dennis Horton

3. Which of the following varietals is not commonly found in Virginia?
A. Norton
B. Riesling
C. Viognier
D. Cabernet Franc

4. Which of the following is not a designated Virginia AVA (American Viticultural Area)?
A. Shenandoah Valley
B. Eastern Shore
C. Middleburg
D. Tidewater

5. Who was the "Founding Father" of Virginia (and American) wine?
A. George Mason
B. George Washington
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. James Madison

6. Winemaking in Virginia is primarily modeled after winemaking in:
A. California
B. Australia
C. France
D. Argentina

7. The Monticello AVA, probably the most famous AVA in the state, falls in all of these counties except:
A. Greene
B. Nelson
C. Madison
D. Orange

8. The oldest winery in the state:
A. Barboursville
B. Mountain Cove
C. Breaux
D. Naked Mountain

9. The year the oldest winery in the state started growing grapes:
A. 1967
B. 1973
C. 1980
D. 1955

10. The largest wine festival in the state is held here:
A. Richmond
B. Centreville
C. Mt. Vernon
D. Virginia Beach

11. Which of the following celebrities/moguls does not own a winery in the state?
A. Robert Duvall
B. Donald Trump
C. Dave Matthews
D. Jack Kent Cooke

12. Which winery is not located in Loudoun County?
A. Sharp Rock
B. 8 Chains North
C. Sunset Hills
D. North Gate

13. Mead, which is becoming quite popular in the U.S., is a wine-like beverage made from:
A. Dandelions
B. Beer
C. Peaches
D. Honey

14. Which winery in the state has a famous (or infamous, depending on your opinion) "no one under 21 and no dogs" rule?
A. Linden
B. Chateau O'Brien
C. Prince Michel
D. Bluemont

15. The only winery (so far) located in Prince William County:
A. Sunset Hills
B. Paradise Springs
C. The Winery at La Grange
D. Potomac Point

16. The highest tasting room in the state:
A. Virginia Mountain
B. Naked Mountain
C. Stone Mountain
D. Afton Mountain

17. The northernmost winery in the state:
A. Valerie Hill
B. Hiddencroft
C. Tarara
D. Breaux

18. This winery produces wine made from nearly every fruit (and the occasional vegetable), except grapes:
A. Wisteria
B. Peaks of Otter
C. Ox-Eye
D. Fincastle

19. Which winery is not located in the Northern Neck?
A. Ingleside
B. Hartwood
C. Oak Crest
D. Dog and Oyster

20. Which winery is not especially known for sustainable practices?
A. Blenheim
B. North Gate
C. Trump
D. Cooper

Answers: Click here

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  1. Number 14 is a little bit tricky, but you knew that.